Question re: reusing the same ADODB.Connection in my VB app 
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 Question re: reusing the same ADODB.Connection in my VB app


My VB app accesses one MS Access database in different form.  I was thinking
that it would make more sense to open an ADO connection to the database only
once when the App starts, then reuse the same Conn object over and over.
When the app ends, it close the Conn object and destroy it.  Some forms use
one Rs object.  It would make sense to open the RS only once when the form
loads, then refresh it upon each change, and close/destroy the Rs object
when the form unloads.  Alls of this sounds good to me, and it worked in my
tested apps, however, I'm not sure if this a good thing to do.  Are there
any situations when this approach would cause trouble?  I'm using MDAC 2.6.

Thank you in advance,


Fri, 18 Jul 2003 17:03:33 GMT  
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