Double Key Entry System 
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 Double Key Entry System

I am  triyng to create a double-key entry system like those used in
clinical trials.

I have a database with 10 tables. 5 Tables are for data entry and 5 are for
verifying the data entry.
I created      form1, form2, form3, form4, form5
Then created   form1_v, form2_v, form3_v, form4_v, form5_v

Form1 binds to fields in T1, form2 binds to fields in T2,  etc...
Form1_v binds to fields in T1_V, form2 binds to fields in T2_V, etc...
- T1 and T1_V have identical columns. They have FName, Lname, Gender etc...
I first Data Enter into the forms.  Form1.ID = "223433"
                                    Form1.Lname = "Simmons"
                                    Form1.Fname = "John"
                                    Form1.Gender = "M"    etc...
How can setup form1_v to check T1 and make sure that ALL fields match before
it enters the data into T1_V.
  If the data entry person enters into Form1_v.ID = "223433"
  And the data entry person enters into Form1_v.Lname = "Simon" I need a
message Box to appear.

Sun, 13 Jul 2003 02:11:04 GMT  
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