"not a valid path" error when importing text file with IISAM (Was Re: Import Text file to Access with ADO (bis) ) 
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 "not a valid path" error when importing text file with IISAM (Was Re: Import Text file to Access with ADO (bis) )

[This is actually a follow-up to a posting made by Mark E Alsop
October 2001 which was entitled "Re: Import Text file to Access with

In the better late than never category...

Working in SQL mode of the query editor I also got the following

"<Filepath> is not a valid path.  Make sure that the
path name is spelled correctly and that you are connected to
the server on which the file resides."

I eventually tracked the error to the way the IISAM Text "driver"
treats text files as external databases.

The text file's *filename* is used as the *table* name, and the
directory *path* is used as the *database* name. (Which, I think, is
also how the dBase drivers work.)

The error occurs because whatever you are using for the table name is
being appended to the full file path and that's pretty unlikely to be
a valid path. :-)

The following SQL retrieves the content of a text file located at

SELECT * FROM [test.txt] IN "C:\myApp\" "Text;";

I think you can also make use of the schema.ini file to have more
control over how it imports.

It also appears that in some circumstances any '.' characters in the
*filename* may need to be replaced with '#' characters.

The following Microsoft support articles have further examples:

HOWTO: Use RDO and ODBC Text Driver to Open a Delimited Text (Q187670)

HOWTO: Open Delimited Text Files Using the Jet Provider's Text IIsam

PRB: Jet Text IISAM Driver Drops Leading Spaces (Q182354)

PRB: Jet Text IISAM Truncates Trailing Spaces (Q182355)

Hope this is useful for someone in the future,

Fri, 02 Jul 2004 11:31:39 GMT  
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