AddNew/REquery method of ADO Recordset not Working? 
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 AddNew/REquery method of ADO Recordset not Working?

I am having a problem with an ADO recordset created via DED.

I have an unbound DataList which is used to select an address. When an
address is selected, rscmdHomes bookmark is set to the selected item in
the DataList. As I click different addresses, the other data controls
all show the appropriate data.

Using a popup menu, I can add a record to rscmdHomes:

With devVirtuality.rscmdHome
 !CompanyID = devVirtuality.rscmdCompany!CompanyID
 !HomeAddress = strAddress
End With

I then rebind all of the data controls on the form which are bound to
the rscmdHomes recordset:

Set txtHomeAddress.DataSource = devVirtuality
Set txtHomeCity.DataSource = devVirtuality
Set cmbHomeState.DataSource = devVirtuality
Set txtHomeZip.DataSource = devVirtuality
Set txtListingPrice1.DataSource = devVirtuality
Set txtListingPrice2.DataSource = devVirtuality
Set txtHomeTaxes.DataSource = devVirtuality

According to Q191457, this should not only update the underlying
recordsource, but also update the controls bound to that recordsource.

I can look in the database and the new record is added to the table. The
problem is that whenever I then modify any of the other info for the new
Home and then click on a different home, I get an Operation Cancelled
runtime error and the record is never updated.

If I restart the program, I can then change data for that home. I don't
think my users want to have to exit the program every time they add a
new home.

Can anyone suggest how I can alleviate this problem so that the new
record can be edited?


Keith Bobick

Wed, 22 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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