determing if a user is already logged on to a database 
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 determing if a user is already logged on to a database


In SQL Server there is a sysprocesses system table, which keeps information
about active processes. On of fields in that table is UID, which specifies
id of user and LOGINNAME field, which specifies actual login for user. Also
have a look into SP_WHO stored procedure, which returns information about
current active users and processes

Val Mazur
Microsoft MVP

> Hey everybody,
>      I'm using VB 6.0 and SQL Server 2000. Is there a way
> to programically test from VB (I'm guessing using SQL
> DMO?) if a specific user is already logged into a
> database? For example, if user "Bob" is already logged
> into the database and someone else wants to log in as
> user "Bob", I want to pop up a message saying: "Sorry,
> user 'Bob' is already logged on." and exit the logon
> routine.  Can anybody help me out? Thanks a lot in advance.

> Joe

Sat, 21 May 2005 20:42:06 GMT  
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