calling parameter query from a parameter query 
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 calling parameter query from a parameter query

  This is realy an SQL question.  I have a Acces SQL query
which takes a string parameter which gets a unique record
several fields.  One of those fields is numeric and i want
to take that value and call another query which will take
that nmeric value.

The problem is the prompt for the second query keeps
coming up asking for the numeric value.
How can I make it so, through SQL, so that paramter is
populated with the numeric value filed form the 1st querry.

The query called Mon_Paras takes a number, which I want to
be Mons.MNum but I can't figure it out.
The SQL for Mon_Paras is a big, messy thing with many Left
joins and I'd perfer not to write one single query.
The Access SQL

SELECT Mons.*, Mons_Paras.*
FROM Mons, Mons_Paras
WHERE (((Mons.[Minor Name])=[MName]));


Fri, 22 Jul 2005 08:04:03 GMT  
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