Cannot get Chinese Characters from SQL server with ADO 
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 Cannot get Chinese Characters from SQL server with ADO

Dear All
I am developing an application with VB 6.0 and SQL Server 7.0.  The
application will edit data of table in SQL server with ADO Data Control 6.0
and DataGrid Control 6.0.  However, the field which contains chinese
characters will be shown as blank and the fields following will be moved
forward by one field.
For example, the data in SQL server is shown as
Record_id    Client_Chinese_Name    Client_English_Name    Sex    Age
1                    XXX                              David
M        27
2                    YYY                              Peter
M        34

The data shown in DataGrid will be
Record_id    Client_Chinese_Name    Client_English_Name    Sex    Age
1                                                          M
2                                                          M

I have been working on this problem for a few days and I still don't know
how to solve the problem.  I really hope someone can help me out.
Thank you


Sun, 14 Sep 2003 14:56:39 GMT  
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