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 Single Row Refresh

I'm working on a small front-end app in VB that uses ADO to access a MySQL
database. I'm displaying the results via a DataGrid and a DataCombo, The
DataCombo displays all available possibilites for modifying the Data
displayed in the DataSet, this works fine but when a record is updated via
the DataCombo only the bound field is updated while the rest of the fields in
the datagrid remain the same. The only way i was able to get all the fields
to update is via a requery which is very time-consuming, is there any other
way to do this? As in get only the relevant row to be refreshed. I thought a
Resync might work but that kinda causes VB itself to crash (ne ideas about
Another problem or "feature" that was a bit irksome is that after
changing the
selection in the DataCombo unless it lost focus the relevant field in the
DataGrid was not updated???? Is this usual behaviour?

Thanx a lot

Ps I'd appreciate it if you CC ur reply/postings to my email address

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Mon, 13 Oct 2003 23:31:07 GMT  
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