Updating Records in Query 
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 Updating Records in Query

Hello.  I have migrated a project from DAO to ADO OLE DB and need some

1. Previously, in the DAO world, I was able to present data in a grid based
upon a query created in and used with an Access 95 database.  Upon
modification of the data, the tables upon which the query was based were
updated as expected.  The relationship was a simple parent to (one to many)

2. I have moved to an Access 2002 (XP) format database and ADO.  Data in the
query underlying tables are no longer automatically updated and I must
reference the specific table and record and make these changes myself.  The
queries were simply imported using the convert database feature of Access
2002 and have been verified as identical to the [previous] Access 95 format.

Would someone please help me understand the properties and/or additional
methods I must set or invoke to avoid all the manual SQL coding or is it no
longer supported.

Many Thanks in Advance.

Sat, 10 Dec 2005 22:14:36 GMT  
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