Problem with ADO database access from VB6 - WebClass/IIS 5.0 
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 Problem with ADO database access from VB6 - WebClass/IIS 5.0

I'm getting the error info down below returned below.  I have VB6 -
WebClass ISAPI service that receives info from the Request.QueryString
variable and writes it to ADO database.  Here are the particulars:

I'm running Windows 2000 Server Edition with IIS 5.0.

It's a System DSN database using the Microsoft Access Driver.  The
directory that it is in has Read/Execute access for the IUSR_ internet
guest account.  I'm using server-side cursors with Pessimistic locking
and Read/Write permission set and no others for the connection.  No
authorization required currently.  It "tests" fine in the connection I
defined for it in the Data Environment Designer connection I added for

In the WebClass Start() event I grab the QueryString's contents and
write them to the database using rs.AddNew, !Field = (value retrieved
from QueryString), .Update.

I have given IUSR_ read/execute permissions to the \Program
Files\Common\ directory where the MDAC DLL's are, and the
/InetPub/wwwroot/WebClassDLL directory.  I also hand-registered the ado
DLL MSADO15.dll with regsvr32.  I then did a full reboot just in case.

I can run the browser GET that triggers the WebClass DLL successfully
from the server but not from a remote machine (over the Internet).
However, I CAN run successfully from a remote Internet client IF I have
the WebClass dll running in the VB6 IDE/de{*filter*}.  I remember having to
do some DCOMCNFG security property changes and a registry modifcation to
get the VB ASP Debugging services to run without getting the 800a01ad
error, and the changes fixed that.

Another symptom is if I load the VB6 IDE with the WebClass DLL and do
some testing, and then close down the IDE, the error changes from the
0x800A9C68 to the 0x800a01ad error.

Note: I have "cache ISAPI extensions" turned off so the DLL gets reload
each request for now, until I fix this.

So it's obviously a permissions thing, but does anyone know what to do?

--------------- Error info
Technical Information (for support personnel)

       Error Type:
       Project1 (0x800A9C68)
       Application-defined or object-defined error
       /TestString1/SendAString.ASP, line 13

       Browser Type:
       Mozilla/4.7 [en] (Win95; I)

       GET /TestString1/SendAString.ASP?string=whynotme

       Friday, June 09, 2000, 4:52:04 PM

       More information:

Tue, 26 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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