HELP: Using ADO to connect to a Teradata ODBC driver 
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 HELP: Using ADO to connect to a Teradata ODBC driver


I'm connecting using ADO v2.1sp2 using a Teradata ODBC driver
v2.06.0001 from a DSN setup.

Programming language: Visual Basic 6

My current functionning connection string is:
conTDDB.Open "DSN=TERATEST;UID=training1;PWD=training1;"

The bad news is that when the password is expired, I get an "80040E4D -
[NCR][Teradata RDBMS] User password has expired" error.

The good news is that there is a function in the Teradata ODBC driver
that can change the password when that happens.

I need to access the ODBC Teradata driver directly to use the extension-
level-1 function "SQLDriverConnect()" in order to pass the following
connection string which will allow me to change the user password:

This doesn't work with the ADO.Connection Open method.

Could you help me figure out how I can call the SQLDriverConnect()
function to be able to change the pwd ?

Thank you very much,


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