Data Binding using an expression in datafld 
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 Data Binding using an expression in datafld

If you are using VB as your front-end, then you can use the
BindingCollection and StdDataFormat objects to format data that is bound to
an ActiveX control.  If you are using ASP / HTML controls, then this will
not work.

Dim m_oBindingCollection As BindingCollection
Dim WithEvents m_sdfLastEditDate As StdDataFormat


' Create a new instance
Set m_oBindingCollection = New BindingCollection
Set m_sdfLastEditDate = New StdDataFormat


'  Use the BindingCollection object to bind txtLastEditedDate to m_oRDC
using the Standard Data Format object
Set m_oBindingCollection.DataSource = m_oRDC
m_oBindingCollection.Add txtLastEditedDate, "Text", "LastEditedDateTime",


' Occurs after the StdDataFormat object formats the value.
Private Sub m_sdfLastEditDate_Format(ByVal DataValue As
    DataValue = Format(DataValue, "Short Date")
End Sub

' Occurs after the StdDataFormat object unformats the value.
Private Sub m_sdfLastEditDate_UnFormat(ByVal DataValue As
    DataValue = Format(DataValue, "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss")
End Sub



Carl Prothman
Microsoft Visual Basic MVP,
Certified Computer Professional (CCP)

> Is it possible to use an expression such as Day(FromDate) in the datafld
> property of a bound column on a text box?

> Mal Ball

Sun, 14 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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