ADO fails to release Recordset cursor after opening disconnected Recordset 
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 ADO fails to release Recordset cursor after opening disconnected Recordset


I have a problem working with ADO disconnected recordsets.

I use microsoft OLE DB provider for Oracle with MSDataShape OLE DB Service.
I open a recordset with all parameters set to be a disconnected recordset
(all by the book). However, after setting active connection to null,
recordset, fails to release a cursor allocated to it in DB.

The release of that cursor occurs only when the Recordset object is
This behavior is quite dangerous (along with absence of garbage collection
in VB).
When by any chance, VB does not releases DISCONNECTED recordset, the DB
resource remains allocated and the program crashes when maximum cursor limit
is reached.

The way around this problem, is making a copy of the recordset through
stream object.
This way is very unefficient (copying a mid-sized recordset is about a
second long
on 700 MHZ machine!).

1. Is there a way to assure cursor released all its resources, without
making a copy?
2. What is the most efficient way to full copy a recordset?


Mon, 08 Sep 2003 06:52:00 GMT  
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