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 VBA & String Handling

Hello, I need to create a function called CleanFamilyname(string) As String. This
should process a string and return it cleaned off excess spaces, with appropriate
capitalisation. Names should be proper cased, ie 'Range', not RANGE or range. The
function should be able to handle hyphenated names. The function should use a
table called tblNameHandles to check special cases, with such names as McNabb,
MacDonald, d'Arcy, O'Brien. These should appear in tblNameHandles in the form of
Mc, Mac, d', O', etc...so that the function can deal with names which start with
such strings.

It should be possible to add new values in tblNameHandles without having to
change the function-so that the system can 'learn' as it encounters new
names.Thanks I sure would appreciate the help

Sun, 30 Nov 2003 18:52:58 GMT  
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