WillChangeRecord w/o reason 
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 WillChangeRecord w/o reason

I am using VB 6.0, SP4, ADO 2.5 and Oracle
I have bound a RecordSet to textboxes, datacombos and a datagrid using a client
side static cursor and optimistic locking:

Set adoPrimaryRS = DataEnv1.rstblSpender
adoPrimaryRS.CursorLocation = adUseClient
adoPrimaryRS.Open CursorType:=adOpenStatic, LockType:=adLockOptimistic

Even if I do not use the RecordSet of the data environment but create the
RecordSet manually it does not solve my problem:

It's only the first record of my RecordSet which is quite puzzling me:
Each time when I just press a simple button on the form, which does not alter the
contents of my bound textboxes or datacombos the WillChangeRecord event handler
is called two times, the first time with adReason = 11 (adRsnFirstChange) and the
second time with adReason = 3 (adRsnUpdate). Of course, this update will raise an
Oracle error for all users without update privileges.

If I am pressing a MoveNext button to perform a rs.MoveMext the following series
will occur:
1. WillChangeRecord with adReason = adRsnFirstChange
2. WillChangeRecord with adReason = adRsnUpdate
3. MoveComplete

for all following MoveNext commands with the same RecordSet only MoveComplete is
called, which is what I really want!

Even if I use a rs.CancelUpdate prior to the first MoveNext I cannot prevent my
program from calling WillChangeRecord and updating my Oracle table!

Has anyone an idea how to avoid updating the first record in the RecordSet?

Thanks a lot.

Sat, 29 Nov 2003 21:27:01 GMT  
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