DSN-less ODBC connection to SQL Server 
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 DSN-less ODBC connection to SQL Server

There is another option to going to TCP/IP to avoid the performance issue.
SQL Server only allocates a single thread to listen for pipe requests by
default, and this is likely the cause of your performance issues.  When the
number of users increases the likelihood of the thread being busy servicing
another users request increases also, forcing users to wait for the thread.
 However, with some registry modifications you can increase the number of
threads SQL Server allocates to listening for pipe requests.  there is an
article on this in the KB.


> We have been using this DSN-less connection method from VB for a few
> months now.  BUT, what we have noticed in the last little while is a
> performance issue when clients are using Named Pipes versus a TCP/IP
> connection to the SQL Server.

> We have figured out that this DSN-less connection gets its default
> connection type from the SQL Client Configuration.  The problem is that
> we don't have the specific SQL Client Configuration (from SQL Server)
> installed on all machines and therefore have no way of seting TCP/IP to
> be the default.

> Is there a protocol parameter that we can use in the DSN-less connection
> string?  We have tried a few hundred things but nothing seems to work.
> There is nothing in the Registry under ODBC-SQL Server driver (or
> anywhere else) that indicates that Named Pipes is the default protocol to
> use for SQL Server.  Is there an entry we can make here as well?

> Any help would be greatly appreciated and please remember that we do not
> want to have to install the SQL Client Configuration on the client
> machines.

> the news groups.

Fri, 21 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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