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 Active X .VBD file

Hi all,
I have a compiled ActiveX project running within a browser (Internet
Explorer 5.0).  This project has been deployed, using the package and deploy
wizard within VB6 to a Internet Information Server 4.  On two development
machines, this application can be run without any error (given that the two
development machines have Microsoft Visual Basic 6 installed on it)
However, when trying access the same application via a client machine the
user is presented with a File Association dialog box which ask's the user to
associate the myapp.vbd (the VBD file is the file generated by Visual Basic
representing a Visual Basic Document (Userdocument)).

Giving that this project was deployed, there is a .cab file generated which
contains all of the neccessary files to allow the app to run in standalond

Does anyone have any ideas as to why user's are being prompted to associate
this .VBD file with another application?  How can this be resolved...

PS.. I have tried to associate the vbd file with it's container (Internet
Explorer 5) however, this did not work either.


Sun, 09 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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