Rolling back RDC changes 
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 Rolling back RDC changes

Let me see if I understand. After opening the RDC connection, and before
the user can change anything, I execute the BeginTrans method, refresh the
RDC, then let the user go to town (DBGrid is actually doing the changes to
the data control). After some changes, I can supply the user with a Cancel
button that will issue a RollbackTrans to the RDC, undoing all changes?
Sounds perfect if I can get it to work. Let me know if my understanding is

> Greg,
>    Here's a little help.  You begin a transaction on the RDC and then
> rollback or commit.  But the trick is that you have to do a refresh on
> RDC AFTER you execute the begintrans or it won't work.

Mon, 30 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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