Access Back End, VB Front End -- Why? 
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 Access Back End, VB Front End -- Why?


When ever I see threads like this I have to bear down to keep from going
into a rant.

First using VB or VBA (app encapsulated VB) will not make a difference in
locking, network traffic or scalability.
The secret of Access lies in treating it as you would any other dev tool.

1)You can seperate the database from the Application and run it on a Server
to cut down network traffic and increase throughput. This will also set up
the use of a centrally distributed application rather than 20 individual
apps, some with more controll than others.

2) Concurrency issues can be solved using query Transaction settings and a
workgroup rather than a shared system.

3) Use of ANSI 92 SQL is supported in Access 2000+, Use of SQL transactions
and procedures is supported.

4) Use replication and linked tables where appropriate. Not every user need
to have every previlage in the db system.

5) SQL Server requires next to constant maintenance and tuning, less with
MSDE, so whenever this is suggested one has to think about "who" is going to
do the administration. A badly administered SQL Server system can bring a
business to a halt. Access can go maintenance free for extended periods.

I wish more developers would take the time to learn the real limitations of
Access before dismissing it out of hand. Microsoft would have thrown it out
long ago if the "developer" (Urban) legends were true. We have to be careful
not to pass these on to clients.

Carl McDade

> I have a client for which I have proposed an Access 2000
> database in a multiuser environment (about 20 users max).
> The client is concerned about data corruption and record
> locking issues usually associated with this number of
> users and is insisting that I develop the front end in
> VB.  Personally, I don't see that this should be a big
> issue to the customer, but it seems to be a go/no-go gate
> for them.

> Can you give me some rationalle that either supports the
> customers argument, or that I can use to allay their
> concerns.  Building a front end in VB will be very
> expensive to the customer, probably doubling the initial
> proposed price.

> Your insight is greatly appreciated.

> (You know about the nospam in the email address, if you
> wish to reply directly to me.

> Best,

> Earl

Sat, 29 Jan 2005 14:36:40 GMT  
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