Is anyone willing to...? 
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 Is anyone willing to...?

Is anyone willing to help me to locate the last problem found in my source
code? The purpose I wrote this is to demonstrate the ability to add, delete
and display the record in an appropriate textbox. Whenever a record is
added, the name will be displayed in a listbox. So by clicking on the name
(in listbox), the program will retrieve that particular record and put the
data fields in appropriate text boxes. At the momet this program seems to
work fine except when adding a record, the appropriate text box doesn't show
the correct data fields of that particular record when the name in the
listbox is clicked. I'm still a beginner and trying to learn. I tried hard
to solve this problem but without any success (probably too new in Database
programming). So, is anyone willing to help me? Please mail me and I will
sending my source code in *.rar compression format. It's only 5.68kB.

Any help in advance is highly appreciated.


Sat, 20 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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