UserConnection, Qry debug, RemoteAutomation 
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 UserConnection, Qry debug, RemoteAutomation

I am using VB5.0 for a 32-bit client/server app connecting to SQLServer 6.5
via 32-bit ODBC.  I have am able to use the Visual Database Tool (Developer
Studio) to create and test the stored procedure.

I am using a UserConnection object to run the stored procedures within the
VB app.  I can succesfully run some of the stored procedures using the
UserConnection.  Therefore, I know I am connecting correctly to the
database.  However, I created a new procedure today and went to debug it
from the UserConnection (by right clcking on the query within VB and chosing
debug procedure).  Now I get the following error messages:

"The query could not be debugged due to a problem coordinating events with
the server.  Check the server and client log to find the exact cause, fix
the problem and try again."

Strangely, I am able to run the stored procedure using T-SQL de{*filter*}, but I
get that silly message when I try debugging it from the UserConnection qry.

Also, can someone explain why Automation Manager is running on my client and
the server?  I thought this was for 16-bit compatibility?

Tue, 06 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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