Access97 over the network from the web 
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 Access97 over the network from the web

Hello all,

I want my Access97 database to be accessed over the network - which it is if
I use shortcuts etc.  However, I don't want to install shortcuts on
everyones machines.

It has been decided that the users will find a pointer to the database on
the intranet.  Problem is when I do this, the 'pointer' downloads a copy of
the database to the c:\ of the computer (even though I select run from
current location).

I have just used an ordinary link to the database - is there something more
appropriate?  HREF="DATAPRO.MDB".  Is the problem html?

Also, if I link to the MDE two sessions of access are opened.  I have
noticed that when this is true, I cannot use 'either' session.  I assume
this is because they are both trying to access the same database on c:\.

Any ideas much appreciated.


Sat, 01 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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