ODBC to database on remote machine 
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 ODBC to database on remote machine

Hi All

I hope someone has some ideas for me...

I am trying to connect my webserver to an Access table another NT Server
The database has to stay on the other machine, since it is used by a
pile of VB client front-ends all day.
The other machine is on the other side of a dedicated 64K leased line.

I have set up the logins & permissions on the remote machine, which is
not part of my NT Domain, so that the Web-server can use the database
through an ODBC connection. The problem is that I can only select the
remote database if I map a remote logical drive, which means that
someone has to be logged on all the time?

Surely that isn't right?
How can I get this to work without having a user logged on to the local
NT box, and his/her mapped drive in use by ODBC?


Mon, 19 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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