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Up to this point in my VB history I think I have been lucky enough never to
have to create reports, unfortunately my time has come.  Basically what I
have created is a custom proposal log.  Most of the employees here have very
little db knowledge so the custom VB front does everything for them. However
now I need to create reports out of the data. My goal is to just have
specific buttons they click a combo box will come up asking for the
engineers name (at this point they can either select it or click the name
they want.) My problem is I need to create 20-30 of these reports. I can
create them in access and create the custom combo box's in access no
problem.  My question is, should I just set them up in access and then
access the reports as needed (via a button click) or attempt to use this
Crystal Reports that I have had a miserable time with?  I am not real
concerned about overhead (this is an internal program and everyone has
access), except that 5-10 people may be accessing these reports at the same

Any feedback would be great. Also what is the simplest way to call a report
from access if that is the answer?  I currently create all my queries inside
VB and do not use access for anything but storage.


Mon, 15 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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