DBGrid delete row weirdness... 
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 DBGrid delete row weirdness...

A while ago I posted a note in here asking why the I couldn't delete an
entire row from my DBGrid when I had the whole row selected and I hit the
delete key.  It just wasn't deleting the row at all - nothing was
happening - as I was expecting it to.

Anyhoo, no hard answers were forthcoming, so I sort of gave up on it and
just brought the partly-completed product to my client's computer for a
beta-test run.  Lo and behold, the highlighted row was deleted quite nicely
when I highlighted it and then hit the delete key.

What's the difference here?  My home system is win95, and theirs is win98.
My database files (the needed ocx's and all that)were installed by VB 6.0
automatically, and theirs were installed with the exe packager that VB


Sat, 01 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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