Timeout Expired Error!!! 
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 Timeout Expired Error!!!


I have a distributed environment for Online Transaction Processing
My VB components are running under MTS on a separate server machine that
communicate with the SQL Server 7.0 on the different machine.
The request from the Web clients successfully executed by MTS components
that UPDATE or GET data from SQL Server 7.0

On the  MTS Machine a process run at End of Day, that manipulates huge
amount of data i.e Update records, Move records from one table to another
and Delete records from the tables in the transaction context.
Many storedprocedures call during this process under one MTS Transaction.
and these storedprocedures repeatedly call in the loop. This yields a huge
transaction log that I don't want to maintain that.

I got the following error on the line that execute the stored procedure. and
this occurs randomly on different stored procedures.

Error:[Timeout expired]
Err No. -2147217871
Err Source: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

- ADO Command.Time out is set to 0
- Query Time out Value in SQL Server is set to '0' (unlimited) and query
wait time is set to '-1'
- I have used "the trunc. log on chkpt. database option(True)".
- Transaction log file property is set to auto grow by 100 %
- and the initial Transaction Log size is set to 300 MB

But still the Long-running Transactions may cause a problem i.e.

1) Is there any solution, tip, suggestion or alternative to overcome the
Timeout Expired Error?
2) Also please tell me the originating error source, (i.e. SQL Server orADO)


M.A. Naveed

Sun, 16 May 2004 16:42:07 GMT  
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