Converting relational data to grid data - please help! 
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 Converting relational data to grid data - please help!

I have a database with two tables: Cars (CarID, CarName) , and CarCost with
these fields (carID, Cost, Date).  I want to be able to edit this data in a
grid control.  Unfortuneately, my users need their data in a certain way:
(a row of dates) x (column of CarNames).  The grid has to look like:

       1/6  1/7  1/8  1/9  1/10  1/11

Now what kind of recordset do I pass into my grid control?  Can I query the
CarCost table that will generate a recordset of data in this format?  If so,
I never heard of it...  My thoughts are that I have to disconnect the grid
from the recordset and poulate it manually, let the user do their edits, and
then reload it into the recordset.  Any other ideas?


Sat, 05 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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