Jet SQL Function for converting datatypes? 
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 Jet SQL Function for converting datatypes?


I've nearly finished a quick reaction task for an access 97 database with a
vb6 front end. After some experimentation with datacontrols I switched to
the vb6 data environment and SQL commands to improve performance. The one
prolem that remains concerns the use of the IIF conditional function.

My code fragment reads thus:

IIF (YR<50, YR+100, YR)>?

? Is a parameter fed in from code. This works fine in Access ie. sorts out 2
figure dates from 1950-2049 but when fed in from the data environment
produces results commensurtae with the YR+100 result turning into a text
datatype. Is there any Jet SQL command I can use to force the result to
remain an integer? This is causing me problems in a few areas, so any advice
would be extremely gratefully received.

Andy Stevens

Tue, 26 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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