Deleted records when text file is linked as table (#deleted) 
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 Deleted records when text file is linked as table (#deleted)

I am trying to attach a text file to an existing access database using the
link method.  I am finding all records with quotes (") in them show up as
deleted when the link is created.  I would like to define the text qualifier
as {none}.  I have search but find no examples of how to do this.
    Below is the schema.ini file and a sample of the code with a record set
    Any help in resolving this would be appreciated.  I have tried to escape
and double the quotes but nothing seems to stop the deleting.

Dan McGivney
Knapp Enterprises


connect example
Public Sub Add_Table(Tname, FName)

    ' Check to see if table exist
        For Each td In dbsJet.TableDefs
             If td.Name = Tname Then
                dbsJet.TableDefs.Delete Tname
             End If
    ' ad table
    Set td = dbsJet.CreateTableDef _
     td.Connect = _
      td.SourceTableName = FName
    dbsJet.TableDefs.Append td
End Sub

Record set
show_idTitle     Show_Type     Genre1     Year     Actor     Dur
GGLA06     Golfing the Great Lakes     Sport     Golf               30
#Deleted     #Deleted     #Deleted     #Deleted     #Deleted     #Deleted
GHSI01     Gung Ho! Succeeding In A Changing World     Special     Business

Sun, 04 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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