Urgent Help Needed with ADO/Oracle Parameter Problem... 
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 Urgent Help Needed with ADO/Oracle Parameter Problem...


I'm in the finishing stages of an application.  It has gone very well,
and now I am working on the code for passing values to the database.
I am using VB 6.0 Enterprise Edition and talking to Oracle Server 7.34
using the MDAC/ADO 2.5 Microsoft Provider for Oracle.

For a record the user might save (ie. Insert) into the database, most
of the fields, of course, contain only a single value.  However, there
are cases where the user is allowed by reason of necessity to have
multiple values for a field; in couple of cases, in fact, these are
listed in a grid even.

I have all the related values (for example: manufacturer id) in a
single-dimension array of type Double.  I had errors when using
Integer data type.  A reference I have suggests that Decimal is most
compatible with Oracle's Number data type, but I can't seem to set a
variable or array to type Decimal, and I can't convert the array with
CDec().  I have found a reference using Double as the data type
against the Number type field in Oracle, so I think I'm OK on this.

My problem is I continue to get errors when trying to pass the arrays
as ADO command parameters to Oracle during an insert!  Has anybody
encountered this or have any idea what I should be doing?  Am I
allowed to pass arrays to Oracle via ADO?  Are there any special
conventions I should be using?

Any advice or info is really appreciated!  Thanks!

===> Roy

Wed, 09 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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