Accessing FoxPro using VB 6.0 SP3 
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 Accessing FoxPro using VB 6.0 SP3

I use data bound control to access a FoxPro dbf file.  Mye
connect = FoxPro 3.0, DataBaseName= c:\VB, RecordSource
=Omron Canada.
I use a TextBox to look at a data field.  DataSource
=Data1.  But when I try to set the DataField I get the
following error: "The Microsoft Jet database engine could
not find the object 'Omron Canada'.  make sure the object
exists and that you spell its name and the path name
What I found was if I rename the FoxPro database to
say "OMRON.dbf" I have no problem accessing the database.
Is there a problem in VB6 SP3 accessing FoxPro database
with long file name? (I have no problem accessing Access
DB with long file name)

Sat, 17 Apr 2004 03:17:13 GMT  
 Accessing FoxPro using VB 6.0 SP3
Try using the following connection string to access your Fox database:

oConn.Open "Driver={Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver};" & _
                   "SourceType=DBF;" & _
                   "SourceDB=c:\somepath\mySourceDbFolder;" & _

Just specify the path to your Fox or dBase file in the SourceDB clause, and
you should be in business. You can then execute "SELECT * FROM tablename"

Hope this helps!

Steven Bras, MCSD
Microsoft Developer Support/Visual Basic WebData

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Sun, 18 Apr 2004 07:09:34 GMT  
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