3 VB-Oracle contracting positions - Dallas area 
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 3 VB-Oracle contracting positions - Dallas area

Arlington, TX division of Fortune-level company is in need of 3 Visual
Basic programmers.  Project duration 4-6 months, with the possibility
of other projects after successful implementation.  Project is port of
application from VAX-Ingres to VB against NT-Oracle database.
Application runs several distribution centers, with 7x24 operations.
All positions require previous successful, referencable VB experience.

First position is lead programmer.  Duties include
        application design review and modification
        coding complex portions of VB application
        code reviews
        system testing
        test plan design
        mentoring less senior programmers
        drafting operations/support documentation
Requires 5+ years programming experience, with at least 2 years VB.
Version 5 experience required.  Effective communication is essential.
Spanish a plus, but not required.  Mininal travel required: 2 or 3
overnight trips to remote (Texas) sites possible.  Potential for
permanent position.  Start date in late April, negotiable.

Other 2 positions are programmers.  Duties include
        VB application coding
        unit testing
        test plan generation
Good communication skills required.  Spanish a plus but not required.
Requires 2+ years programming experience.  1+ years VB experience
required.  Start date in May, negotiable.

monetary requirements.  Include at a minimum a brief description of
your last 2 VB projects, along with the name and phone of your
immediate supervisor.  Refernces *will be checked.*  Programming test
may be required.

Larry Stein
Owner, Stein's Business Services

Sat, 11 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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