Locked out of edit.... 
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 Locked out of edit....

Hi, VB - developers.

VB 4.0 16 Bit (Prof.)  &  Access database (Jet 2.5)

On a recordset (type table) I have set the LockEdits = False, but
still the table is locked for thoer Users for Edit or AddNew.
Very bad: I only read(!!!) the table and its closed(!!!) again, but still
other users
cant edit this table!


Private Sub MySub(....)
Dim RS as Recorsdet
  Set RS=MyDB.OpenRecordset("MyTable",dbOpenTable)
  RS.LockEdits = False
  for n = 0 to veryoften  
     RS.Seek "=",Number,"blabla"
     x=RS!MyField                           'Only reading!!!!
  next n
  RS.CLOSE                                  'ByeBye!!!
End Sub

Other users cant Edit the the Table till the Form is closed,
where the sub is in, or records "far away" from the locked
location are read.

This error doesnt occur, when using type dbOpenDynaset, but I
need "hight speed" search.

The table has an con. Index of an long and a text - Field.
The table has about 25000 records. 1 record is about 150 byte
The above Sub is called called very often, but the table is locked even when it
not read at the moment. 1x reading locks the table "forever".
This happens when the db is located on Novell 4.12 OR Windows XXYY.
(i.e. on all platforms I have)

Who knows that problem???

Michael Patron

Sat, 26 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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