VB6.0 ODBC Error 3027 SQL Server 7.0 
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 VB6.0 ODBC Error 3027 SQL Server 7.0

Can someone out there please help?

I've got a consulting assignment that involves maintaining two seperate
SQL Server 7.0 databases (one named "Company" and the other named
"Company1").  The first one is used to maintain existing operations for
the company that uses several application clients written in VB6.0 that
use ODBC connectivity to the server--everything is fine.

When I go to create a new development environment to (re)write code,
(re)write the data tier, test everything, etc., I get the application
client .vbp's I've saved into a development directory to connect into
the "Company1" database, but I get the runtime error 'Error 3027 -
Database or object is read only'.

I've already gone through and overwrote all 'connect' properties'
DATABASE and DNS settings with "=Company1" in the client applications'
code and data controls, and made sure that the options and permissions
at the server are duplicated for the database and database.users.

I also ran the ODBC Data Source Administrator and set up the correct
configurations for both System DNS and File DNS for "Company1" on the
local machine I'm doing the development on.

I can connect to the database at runtime and read the tables, but I get
the runtime error when the execution of the program gets to a .Edit
method in the code for a table.

Please send me information regarding why this might happen.  Thanks in

Jess Fahland
Mathis Computer Consulting and Training, Inc.

Mon, 09 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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