synchronize one to many with bound field 
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 synchronize one to many with bound field

This veteran dBaser VB newby is frustrated with a seeming no brainer- with a
DataCombo I want to enter a field-Description. There may be ten identical
Decriptions (i.e.  Water Pump) each of which has a unique Partid (i.e. xxx).
Each unique Partid may have multiple Applications (i.e. xxx 89 Taurus, xxx
90 Escort, xxx 90 Mustand). As I toggle down the ten identical Decriptions
that the DataCombo pulled up from the Decription table, I need the
CurrentRecord to change with each cursor movement and a list of Applications
with the matching Partid from the Applications table to display in an
adjacent box. I can't seem to get the synchronization to work. Now I don't
even know if I'm even in the right ball park. Any tips, criticisms,
guidance, hints, help etc greatly appreciated.
 Bobby Mercer

Mon, 16 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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