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 DataRepeater validate question


Does anyone know how to get the DataRepeater to fire the Validate event for
the RepeatedControl's Controls?

Here is the situation: In an "update" menu command for a MDIChild Form the
Validate event for the DataRepeater is fired.  However none of the Validate
events for the RepeatedControl's Controls(TextBoxes, DataCombos, etc) are
called when the DataRepeater's Validate event is fired.

If the user is editing the data in one of the Controls of the
RepeatedControl then goes straight to MDIForm "update" menu command then the
Control on the RepeatedControl that had focus does not have its Validate
event fired.  This is also causes the edited value in the Control not to be
written to the database.  If the DataRepeater control loses focus (another
Control on the MDIChild is selected) then the Validate event for
RepeatedControl's Control that last had focus is fired.

I've tried calling the DataRepeater's Refresh method in it's Validate event
thinking that it would validate the RepeatedControl's Controls but that does
not work.

Does anyone have any ideas to make the RepeatedControl's Controls validate
in the DataRepeaters Validate event?


Mon, 18 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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