ADO 2.0 Error passing recordset from DCOM Server to Remote Client 
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 ADO 2.0 Error passing recordset from DCOM Server to Remote Client

I am using ADO 2.0 (ADODB on the server and ADOR on the client) to pass
recordsets from the server to the client.

The server is NT 4.0 (sp3 - NOT running MTS), the client is Win95
running DCOM 1.1

I can instantiate the DCOM Server with no problem.
I can instantiate an equivalent in-process server (same code) with no
Neither the DCOM Server nor the in-process server will pass the
recordset back to the client correctly.  I receive (at the client) an
Error #3704: Method '~' of object '~' failed.

The first instance where this error occurs indicates "Method 'EOF' of
object 'Recordset' failed" (but, any method of the recordset object
fails).  It also does NOT return the recordset as NOTHING.

I can run this same application from the development machine with no
errors.  The dev. machine is also Win95 running DCOM 1.1 (but I'm
connecting to the DCOM server as a local server).  The only thing really
different is the development machine has MDAC 2.0 installed (ADODB,
ADOR, OLE DB, etc.).  I even setup the "other" client to connect to the
DCOM server as a local server, with the same error results.

Remember, both the development machine and other client machine can
instantiate the servers with no problem (remote or in-process).  It's
the call to retrieve a recordset where the difference (and error)

The "other" client has ADOR 2.0 (and ADODB 2.0) installed and

On the server, I'm setting the CursorLocation to 'adUserClient' and then
setting the 'ActiveConnection' to NOTHING before leaving the procedure.

Does anyone know what is happening and how to fix it?


Mon, 05 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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