DBengine.CompactDatabase fails to change mdb version 
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 DBengine.CompactDatabase fails to change mdb version

Can someone help?  I am using this syntax:

DBEngine.ComactDatabase  OldDBFileName_11, NewDBFileName_30, , dbVersion30

in an attempt to convert jet 1.1 databases to Jet 3.0.

When I execute this in my VB5 program, no errors are generated and
NewDBFileName_30 is created on my hard drive.  But when I open
NewDBFileName_30 with the Data Add-in from VB5 and inspect the newly created
database, its version is still listed as 1.1.

In addition, the V1xNullBehavior property is not created.  I have been over
and over the examples in the VB5 doc and in Books Online, and my code is
exactly the same (filenames notwithstanding) as the examples for the
illustration of compactDatabase and V1xNullBehavior property creation.

Can someone help?  I have checked MSKB and found nothing applicable.  (I
have SP3 of VB5 Pro).

My Jet 1.1 database is very simple.  Just a half dozen or so tables, each
with just one or two indices, no code or queries, no security, no validation
rules.  (I implement all the validation and integrity rules in my VB app's

Thanks tons,

Sun, 15 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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