To all experts (need help) 
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 To all experts (need help)

To all experts,

Here is what is not working in my program.

I use DBGrid.
I open the recordset as "dbopentable".
I allow user to select whatever record is required from the grid.
If required record is easily found on the grid, user just click SELECT
button, and the word 'SELECTED' is replaced in the appropriate column of the
source table.

Problem: if the user select a record on line 5 of the grid and click
SELECT, the word 'SELECTED' is not replaced in the right record
but in the first line of the table instead.

Now, the user has selected 5 records and wants to see what he has
selected. He click on 'VIEW', and the grid is refreshed and shows only
selected records as I set the source of data1 to SQL. Then, if the user
wants to cancel a particular record, he click on CANCEL and
""(empty space) replaced the word 'SELECTED'.

Problem: It doesn't replaced!

Any help to the above problems is very much appreciated.

Sun, 16 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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