Need help with WAN project.. 
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 Need help with WAN project..

This wouldn't be too hard to do..

If you have an afternoon you should be able to get most of it written.

I would build 3 small apps.

1 - Tech's client app. Simple form with some option buttons for their
status, some text boxes for login info, and a winsock control.
        - Needs a method to login to server when they press some button.
        - Needs a method to update server when they change their status.

2 - Dispatch's client app. Simple form with something like a grid that
displays the attached techs and their status.
        - Needs a method to login to server when they press some button.
        - You could pull the arrays from the server with a timer, or push
them from the server when they change.

3- Server app. Basically a winsock control array, and an array for the
tech's info.
        - Some connection code (take the example from the help files)
        - Some events to push the status changes to the Dispatch client

I wouldn't bother with the database unless you want to keep a record of
things. I mean if the server crashes and you start it up later, what good
are the tech's status' if they were last updated a while ago. Just keep the
info in an array and dont worry about the database. As for the bandwidth,
your TCP/IP packets are only gonna be a few bytes when the tech changes his
option buttons - this shouldn't be a problem..

Lookup the help section for Winsock controls, half of your app is right
there in the example..

This should be only about Intermediate difficulty if you keep it simple..

- Brian Pavlich


> I am thinking of taking this on as a project...

> ~~~~~~~~~~~~
> The Environment:
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~
> I work in a help desk type environment where calls get routed from a
> dispatch. We do not use the phone switch's Automatic Call Distribution
> because of its WAN limitations. This dispatch system works for HQ because
> the dispatcher can see all the techs in the area and can determine if they
> are on the phone or if they are testing or if they are in the lab or out
> lunch or whatever.  However, we have techs across the WAN as well. The
> dispatch transfers calls there too.

> ~~~~~~~~~~
> The Problem:
> ~~~~~~~~~~
> 1. Many times, dispatch will transfer a call and if the call takes long
> enough, the tech is still on the phone when dispatch tries to transfer
> him/her another one.
> 2. Techs have to call dispatch every time they come in to the office, when
> they step away from their desks, when they go for lunch etc.
> 3. Dispatch has to call and wait for voicemail or wait for the tech to
> them that they are on another call. They then have to find someone else
> would be available.
> 4. Techs can't see if another tech is on a call or away.

> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Possible Solution that I can think of:
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Create an application with a userid for every tech. This application would
> allow all techs to update their status: Available/On a
> call/Researching/Testing/In Lab/Out to lunch/Gone for the day. Dispatch
> would have a monitor that would refresh with all technicians' current
> status, so that the call could be routed appropriately.

> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

> What would be the best way to implement this? I was thinking of doing this
> with a small database with just a couple of tables that store that
> information. Any other ideas?

> My programming experience is limited to VB and VC++ (basics of it) and
> projects have been related to databases or COM objects that have been
> available to me. My networking experience is more on the overall knowledge
> of how TCP/IP works etc with day to day troubleshooting of routing and
> subnetting etc . I have never *programmed* with networking protocols in
> mind. But I'm willing to explore that possibility if someone can point me
> the right direction. I think this might be too bandwidth intensive though
> (?).

> Any help would be much appreciated.

> Thanks.

> - Yaz.

Tue, 08 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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