Add Button to a row by row data display 
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 Add Button to a row by row data display

I am using MS Access and create a normal tabular form -
(which means that the data is displayed row by row)
This way I can add a button in the row to go to specific
data. e.g.  A abbreviated list of parts with a button to
goto a detailed "columnar" view ( with only one record ).
This all works wonderful, but..

Now I would like to switch to Visual Basic .net and I can
not find a way to put a button on the tabular data.
I can use the datagrid control, but it is more or less
just for display. I have been looking into the repeater
control, but it seemed quite confusing. So in short I am
Your help is appreciated.

Tue, 21 Sep 2004 04:22:24 GMT  
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