Error 713: Application-defined or object defined error 
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 Error 713: Application-defined or object defined error


    Distribute the "Microsoft Data Environment Runtime" (msderun.dll) as
windows\system directory and register it (by hand it it is necesary)

    I had the same problem and now its all ok.


> Hello,

> i have developed a vb60-program. In this program a MS-access 97 database
> accessed by using an data-environment.
> When i make a package from the the program, and install it on another
> computer i get the following error :

> Errornumber:    713
> Description:    Application-defined or object-defined error

> This occurs when i want to acces a record in de access-database. When i
> this on my computer (Windows 98) there is no problem.
> I can browse through the recordset. On the other computers (Windows 95 or
> Windows 98, with no VB60 installed) there is this error.

> Can someone give me some advice ? I try also to copy all MSADOxx.DLL to
> other computers. To install the complete VB60 application is to much :
> requieres abour 800 Mb, and there is no more then 200 Mb on the other
> computers free.

> Frank,
> The Netherlands (Maasbommel)

Mon, 18 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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