Linking a dBase III table to an Access 2000 database - won't open 
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 Linking a dBase III table to an Access 2000 database - won't open

Based on the examples provided by Microsoft, I used the code reproduced
below in a VB6 SP3 project to try to attach a dBase III table to an Access
2000 database.  The file attaches, but the table will not open.  An SQL
statement run to select from it produces the error message: " is not a valid
name.  (That " is a Chr(34) and is part of the error message.)  When I try
to attach a dBase III table to an Access 2000 database directly from Access
using the Wizard, I get to the frame for identifying an index, click cancel
(there is none) and the same type of error message appears with the strange
" (Chr(34).  At one point I generate an error message about "langref"
required for HH_GET_WIN_TYPE (that's when I attach the table using the
following code, and then try to open the table directly from Access).

Could someone please help.  I've searched MSDN and read everything I can
find with no luck.

See http://www.*-*-*.com/

Sub ADOCreateAttachedJetTable()
  Dim cat As New ADOX.Catalog
  Dim tbl As New ADOX.Table
  Dim sLink As String
  Dim sPath As String
  Dim sName As String

  On Error GoTo AttachErr

  ' Open the main catalogue
  cat.ActiveConnection = gsInitString

  ' Set name and catalog for the table to be attached
  tbl.Name = gsFile
  Set tbl.ParentCatalog = cat

  ' Set the properties to create the attachment/link
    tbl.Properties("Jet OLEDB:Create Link") = True

    frmDataType.Caption = "Select type"
    frmDataType.Show vbModal

    If Len(fMainForm.dlgCommonDialog.FileName) > 0 Then
        sPath = fMainForm.dlgCommonDialog.FileName
        sName = MakeTableName(sPath, False)
        sPath = StripFileName(sPath)
        tbl.Properties("Jet OLEDB:Link Datasource") = sPath
        Set tbl = Nothing
        Set cat = Nothing
        Exit Sub
    End If

  ' Specify link provider string
  Select Case gnDataType
    Case gnDT_MSACCESS
       sLink = ";"
    Case gnDT_PARADOX3X
       sLink = "Paradox 3.X;"
    Case gnDT_PARADOX4X
       sLink = "Paradox 4.X;"
    Case gnDT_FOXPRO26
       sLink = "FoxPro 2.6;"
    Case gnDT_FOXPRO25
       sLink = "FoxPro 2.5;"
    Case gnDT_FOXPRO20
       sLink = "FoxPro 2.0;"
    Case gnDT_DBASEIV
       sLink = "dBase IV;"
    Case gnDT_DBASEIII
       sLink = "dBase III;"
    Case gnDT_BTRIEVE
       sLink = "Btrieve;"
    Case gnDT_EXCEL50, gnDT_EXCEL40, gnDT_EXCEL30
       sLink = "Excel 5.0;"
    Case gnDT_SQLDB
       sLink = ";"
    Case gnDT_TEXTFILE
      sLink = "Text;"
    End Select

  tbl.Properties("Jet OLEDB:Link Provider String") = sLink

  tbl.Properties("Jet OLEDB:Remote Table Name") = sName

  ' Append the table to the main collection
  cat.Tables.Append tbl

Set tbl = Nothing
Set cat = Nothing
Unload frmDataType

Exit Sub
Set tbl = Nothing
Set cat = Nothing
End Sub

Tue, 29 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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