VB3-Access 2.0 problems on Windows NT 
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 VB3-Access 2.0 problems on Windows NT

Hello from Bangkok, Folks,

I am experiencing a perhaps archaic problem.. one discussed and solved
must earlier that I can't seem to find a solution today.  I have a VB3
application running on Windows 3.11 with Access 2.0 database.  Its been
working perfectly well on the Novell Netware Platform (shared, locks and
all).  Then, I switched servers to Windows NT.  I assumed that it's just
a server (files and all), and should be able to accomodate Win 3.11
just the same as Novell.  But, no, I keep getting "Error...Access
Corrupted" message and must repair the database upto 3 times a day on a
small 3-user system.  I have applications running elsewhere on NT and
complain of the same problem, but I had always assumed it was my
Anyone familiar with this problem?


Suthep Madarasmi

Mon, 06 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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