Advice needed on sensible grid population 
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 Advice needed on sensible grid population

(using SQL Server 7, VB6, ADO, DataEnvironment)

Our sql server database will have 30 or so tables. Most will have a few
hundred records but a few will have 50 thousand or more records. I'm
required to display these tables in a grid format.

Have built a few that display the table of choice by binding it to a
3rd party grid (Janus). Works great so far, but I know this will be
terrible on the big tables, especially, since we want the user to be
able to sort the columns and do searches. And probably we will want to
make it editable.

Let me know if I'm wrong, but it seems that binding is not the way to
go... but what is the alternative? Do I somehow just bring back enough
records to fill the visible portion of the grid? But how do I intercept
the scrolling in order to bring back more to keep the visible portion
filled? Will there be a way to get the scroll box to indicate at what
point of the table/recordset the user is located?

I've read through some of Hitchhiker's Guide to VB & SQL Server and the
author strongly emphasizes over and over again to stick to using stored
procedures and forward only recordsets - would he still do so as an
approach to this grid problem?


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