Error connecting Oracle with Dao/Rdo 
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 Error connecting Oracle with Dao/Rdo

Y have create a DSN with Oracle on an AIX server.

if y use a Database object and affect UseJet at the Default Type
property the connection is Ok.

If y use the same DSN et affect UseOdbc at the Default Type property
y have the message  IM006 Echec SqlSetConnectAttr

Y have this message if y use the Microsoft Odbc Driver Ver:2.0.006325

If y use the Oracle Driver Vers : 2.05.0301 the connection is stopped and y
any message. If y use the trace, the last line is :

VB5             ffc45ed7:ffc5540b ENTER SQLExecDirect
  HSTMT               0x01c8107c
  UCHAR *             0x026a0970 [     106] "SELECT * FROM SELECT
  SDWORD                   106

VB5             ffc45ed7:ffc222b7 ENTER SQLCancel
  HSTMT               0x01c8107c

VB5             ffc45ed7:ffc222b7 EXIT  SQLCancel  with return code 0
  HSTMT               0x01c8107c

and my application is stopped.

The same application run correctly with the same DSN if y use   -UseJet- in
DefaultType Property

Please Help me



P.S : Excuse my bad english but y am french and y dont speak (and write!!!)
very well.

Sat, 26 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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