can't update in DED with cursor location set to server-side 
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 can't update in DED with cursor location set to server-side

hi. i'm trying to use a connection to an emtpy table (jet 4.0) with  3 date
time picker controls bound  to it. when i use client side  cursort in the
record set i get a strange message from vb (not a trappble error, it occurs
after the init event and just before the load event in a form)  that it
can't find the fields that i want to bind it to, when i use server side
cursors i get this an error with i try to activate the recordset's addnew or
update methods  saying : "this applications is using arguments that are  of
the wrong type, are out of acceptible  range or are in conlifct with one
antoher". can't update with server side cursor? i

Thu, 31 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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