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 ado 2.7

    Has anyone had any problems wih ADO 2.7?  This comes with visual  When running stored procedures using the ado command
object (from within Visual Basic 6 Sp4) i have noticed that if i dont change
the activeconnection setting between executing stored procedures , that
every execution of the same stored procedure after the first takes minutes
rather than 2 seconds.  I am using the same parameters etc. If i run the
stored procdure from the query analyser is takes 2 second every time.

The following code resets this condition

adoCmd.ActiveConnection = AdoCn

Another machine in the same department which doesnt have 2.7 doesnt have
these issues.

Its a bit of a bizarre one.  Guessing it is a bug with 2.7 anyone know where
there might be a bug list.

Thanks in advance


Fri, 20 Feb 2004 23:46:40 GMT  
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