RDS in ASP and a custom business object (VB) 
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 RDS in ASP and a custom business object (VB)


we are using RDS to retrieve data from an Oracle database and display it on
a web page. To retrieve and update the data from the database we use a user
defined business object which uses ADO to retrieve the datasets.

To update the data a method of the business object gets the modified record
set (with adMarshalModifiedOnly) and calls UpdateBatch().

The first time the UpdateBatch()-Method succeeds, the second time the method
fails with Error 80040e38: "Method 'UpdateBatch()' for object '_Recordset'
failed." The status-Property of the recordset is set to 2050, which means
adModified + adConcurrencyViolation.

That seems to me that Oracle means, someone else has modified the record and
I cannot write back the recordset. But nobody else modified the recordset
except my own method "UpdateBatch()" in the first time. I think that's why
the recordset is disconnected and the second time I come along with the
disconnected recordset the data in the database is newer than mine and
therefore I get the ConcurrencyViolation.

One solution would be to refresh the recordset after every UpdateBatch, but
this cannot be the right solution because it would slow down the performance
too much.

Any ideas?


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