Application-defined error 3315 during table.Update method 
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 Application-defined error 3315 during table.Update method

>I have a piece of 32-bit  Visual Basic 4.0 code which adds a new
>record to a table (happens to be an MS Access database), sets field
>values, and then executes the UPDATE method on the table object.  When
>I execute the UPDATE method, I get a run-time error 3315.

>If I inspect the value of ERROR$(3315) it says "User-defined or
>Application-defined error".  Any ideas about finding what the actual
>problem is?  I've check all the obvious causes of database i/o errors,
>including validation logic in the database itself (which is actually

>I've tried looking for HLP files for the Jet engine, but can't find

>Philip Scott

For the sake of anyone else who has a problem finding error
descriptions on database errors:

I found a set of functions in VB 4.0 related to DAO errors.  It's a
DAO Errors() collection.  It works like this:

        Dim nLastErrIdx as integer

        nLastErrIdx = DBEngine.Count -1
        If ERR = DBEngine.Errors(nLastErrIdx).Number Then
                Debug.Print "Source of Err: " & DBEngine.Errors(nLastErrIdx).Source
                Debug.Print "Err Number: " & DBEngine.Errors(nLastErrIdx).Number
                Debug.Print "Description: " & DBEngine.Errors(nLastErrIdx).Description
        End If

So, using Errors(x).Description, I found that my error was caused by a
field which was marked "Allow Null Value=No", and which had been
asigned no value prior to my table.Update call.

Philip Scott

Sun, 17 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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